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Tests show another turtle confirmed to have ingested coins

Nine more sea turtles at the Sea Turtle Conservation Centre on Munnai Island in Rayong have been examined to determine whether they had coins in their digestive system, with one turtle confirmed to have four coins in its stomach.



Dr Nantarika Chansue from Chulalongkorn University’s Veterinary Madical Aquatic animal Research Centre (VMARC) led a veterinarian team to perform a health check-up for the turtles, which came from the same pond as the green turtle “Ormsin”, or “piggy bank”.
Ormsin became famous after surgery was performed on the animal to remove coins from its digestive system. The turtle died soon after the procedure.
Nantarika said the VMARC and the Marine and Coastal Resources Department (DMCR) veterinarian team had conducted X-rays and blood tests on the nine turtles.
“The DMCR team leader will carry on with the treatment we discussed and we will continue monitoring them,” she said.

Published : April 04, 2017

By : The Nation