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Bangkok’s searing summer sun hot enough to cook a steak – inside your car!

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Bangkok’s hot summer sun is strong enough to cook steak by just placing marinated meat in a skillet inside a car parked outdoors on a sunny afternoon.

The famous SchwedaKong cooking fanpage on Facebook has posted pictures of medium-rare gammon steak with toast and fried egg that was cooked by placing the ingredients in a black skillet in a car on a hot afternoon and letting the extreme heat do the rest.
With summer in Thailand reaching its peak this Thursday and the outdoor temperature during the afternoon often currently rising beyond 40 degrees Celsius, a netizen experimented to prove that the burning sun of the capital is literally hot enough cook food.
The administrator of SchwedaKong fanpage stated that one of his friends had tried to cook steak by using the heat inside a car parked outdoors during the hottest time of day in Bangkok. 
His friend conducted the experiment by placing marinated pork, sliced bread, chopped carrots and egg in a black skillet and leaving it inside the car from 1pm to 4.30pm.
The experiment was a complete success, as the gammon was cooked through, the bread was toasted, and the egg solidified.
The temperature inside the car during the experiment was measured at a searing 48 to 56 degrees.
Previously, the same netizen had also tried to cook onsen egg (Japanese-style soft-boiled egg) by placing an egg inside a car for 90 minutes, and that also proved to be a resounding success, the administrator said.
However, he cautioned that this kind of cooking was not hygienic, as the food could be contaminated with harmful bacteria because the heat is not high enough to kill such microbes.

Published : April 26, 2017

By : The Nation