Wed, May 25, 2022


Weakening of the baht could boost Thai exports

The baht has slightly weakened after the US Department of Labour reported on Friday that the US economy had added 222,000 new jobs in June. The US job growth was greater than expected.

The Thai currency weakened yesterday to slightly over 34 per US dollar after it strengthened to over 33 per dollar on Monday. 
Amonthep Chawla, head of the research office at CIMB Thai Bank, said the easing might be temporary and the baht would be volatile looking ahead. The market is waiting to see data on the US gross domestic product in the second quarter and what the Federal Reserve would do about its huge balance sheet, he said. Thai exporters have previously complained about a strong baht, fearing it would drag down exports in the second half of the year. Appreciation of the baht would make Thai products more expensive in the global market.

Published : July 08, 2017

By : The Sunday Nation