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Couple gets public help to treat son with heart defect

Police in Sa Kaew province and local residents have raised some Bt30,000 to help a poor couple who need to frequent a Bangkok hospital for their son to receive medical treatment for his heart defect.

The five-year-old boy, Thanakorn Wanwichit, was diagnosed with three heart chambers, causing abnormally low heartbeats.
This caused his body and face to turn green and led to spells of fainting.
The mother, Pannikar Supsin, 42, had to quit her job to closely take care of her child, leaving her husband to work alone to support the family.
The mother has to travel from their house in Tambon Wangmai in Sa Kaew’s Wang Somboon district to Thammasat Universiy Hospital several times a month, putting severe financial strain on the already poor family.
In the latest development, the hospital has performed an operation to install a heart pacer to help increase his heartrate to some 70-100 beats per minute.
The plight of the family was recently published on Facebook by their neighbour, Damrong Yaemklud. The post managed to raise some Bt7,000 for the family’s travelling expense.
After the plight was known, Sa Kaew police from several stations formed a special band to perform music at a weekly market in Wang Somboon. The band initially raised Bt18,520 in donations from shoppers in three hours. The fund later grew to Bt21,000 as more contributions flowed in.
The money was handed over to the family by Sa Kaew police chief Pol Maj-General Yingyot Thepchamnong on Friday, who personally contributed Bt2,000.
The mother said she appreciated all the help.
The mother can be reached at 092-9833885. Public donations are welcomed at Krungthai Bank Account No: 985-2-90266-0.

Published : July 22, 2017

By : Thanapat Kitjakosol The Nation Sa Kaew