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Singha grows market share through ‘influencer campaign’

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Singha, strengthening its 25-year leader status in drinking water industry, engages a new generation through its influencer branding campaign. The brand expects to achieve 25 per cent market share by the end of the year.

Titiporn Thammapimookkul, managing director of food and beverage, Singha Corporation Co, Ltd, the manufacturer and distributor of Singha Drinking Water, notes that the brand saw a 12 per cent increase in sales figures during this previous summer from its ‘A Part of You, we only choose Singha’ campaign, represented by five brand influencers who each represents different lifestyles.
The campaign utilizes influencers across all marketing activities such as digital media, limited edition labels with influencers and roadshow campaign with a personalized one-of-a-kind label with consumers’ picture on the label. This created awareness of the brand and the importance of values that you get from packaged drinking water.
The campaign was to communicate and inspire through story-telling which helped the Singha brand engage more with the new generation which are the industry’s core audience. At the same time, the company had increased one new production chain at Phranakhonsriayuddhaya, resulted in a 20 per cent increase in production power from the company’s current eight factories across all regions; Chiangmai, Phranakhonsriayuddhaya, Khonkaen, Mahasarakham and Suratthani, in response to the summer season in which the drinking water industry grew by 50 per cent.
For the second half of 2017, Singha will unveil a new campaign to widen its fan base and to new groups of consumers which the company is confident of reaching a 25 per cent market share from its current 23 per cent with a 16 per cent growth in revenue also.

Published : July 27, 2017

By : The Nation