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RS deems ‘sustainable’ transformation a success

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Entertainment-and-lifestyle giant RS saw “strong and steady” growth in the second quarter of 2017, chief financial officer Darm Nana reports, with “impressive revenue and profits despite the slow economy”.



Net profit was Bt52 million, a 161.2-per-cent increase over the same period last year, and revenue was Bt857.6 million, a 20.2-per-cent rise.
Darm said LifeStar Co, its health and beauty business, continues to be a big earner, generating Bt300.7 million in the second quarter, up 466.1 per cent from the same period last year. 
“This proves it’s a sustainable business,” he said. “All three of its product ranges – skincare, haircare and supplementary food – are popular. The company is now reaping profits thanks to the growth in the health and beauty industry, and now LifeStar is the company’s main source of income.”
The RS business model has been changed, building on the company’s success as the country’s fifth-ranked media firm, branching out into the global health and beauty trend. 
Darm said RS’ expertise in marketing enabled it to increase its distribution channels, make use of customer data and conceive effective promotions.
Although the TV industry in general is not doing well and faces challenges, he said, Channel 8 has managed to grow steadily and sustainably. 
Its revenue increased this quarter and its rating rose by 30 per cent, putting it among the top five channels watched. 
The primetime show “Khui Khao Chao” the top-ranked news programmes on digital TV and the primetime dramas and boxing shows “Sita Ke Ram”, “8 Max Muay Thai”, “The Champion Muay Thai Tad Chuak” and “Muay Thai Battle” “attract a lot of advertising”, Darm said.
The Channel 8 strategy for Q3 is to add more new content, led by a Bollywood series “Hanuman”, which will air Monday through Thursday at 7pm, followed at 8.30 by the dramas “Jai Luang” and “Ngao Athan”. 
Two new Sunday afternoon variety shows will be produced – “Tid Nueb” with celebrity profiles and the family-friendly “Sabai Day Hey Yok Ban”. 
A new news programme will also be added, “Khui Khao Kham”. 
Meanwhile, RS’ health and beauty business will soon release new products to expand business opportunities, branch out to new retail outlets and join forces with other partners. 
The company is in the process of bringing out quality products to sell on its telesales channel.
In October and November, the company will take a roadshow to the US, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia to showcase the successful transformation of its business model in a sustainable way.

Published : August 16, 2017

By : The Nation