Fri, May 20, 2022


Thai researchers develop mechanical robot arm for bomb disposal operations

By the end of this year 10 mechanical robot arms developed in Thailand are slated to be handed to the Defence Technology Institute for distribution to explosive ordnance disposal teams nationwide.

The EOD Robot is the result of a joint research project between the Faculty of Engineering’s Electrical Engineering Department at Prince of Songkhla University and the Defence Ministry's Defence Technology Institute.
The project started in May.
The EOD Robot will be showcased, along with other Thai inventions, at the 50th PSU Engineering Excellence: Thailand 4.0 at the Faculty of Engineering between September 7-9. 
Electrical Engineering Department researcher Kittikhun Thongpull said the mechanical robot arms will be installed on small bomb-disposal robots. 
The researchers’ challenge was to create a low-cost, lightweight mechanical robot arm that can lift an item weighing up to four kilograms.
Kittikhun said the EOD Robot cost under Bt200,000 per set, while imported models cost almost Bt1 million.

Published : September 05, 2017

By : Somchai Samart The Nation