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Screening points reopen for entry to ceremonial ground

All nine screening points to enter the Royal Cremation ceremonial ground at Sanam Luang have reopened after the conclusion of a religious ceremony at the Grand Palace and the departure of the Royal Family.

The screening points around Sanam Luang were reopened at 8.30pm on Wednesday, 30 minutes behind schedule and more than 12 hours after the checkpoints were closed in the morning.
Pol Major Pongsakorn Tan-ari, chief officer of the ninth screening point under Pinklao Bridge, informed that the screening point would remain open until all space inside the ceremonial ground was filled.

Screening points reopen for entry to ceremonial ground
Pongsakorn stated that the ninth screening point could receive at least another 10,000 people. If the checkpoint could not receive more people, the officers would inform people queuing there to go to other screening points or pay tribute to the late King at replicas of the Royal Crematorium installed in different parts of the city and in the provinces.
He said it was hard to estimate when the screening point would close, but the earlier people came the higher their chances.
Another officer informed that as there had been no movement for a long time, the queue to enter the ninth screening point had reached the Bank of Thailand headquarters on Samsen Road, about two kilometres away.
Weena Petchthong, a 52-year-old woman from Koh Samui, who happened to make it after waiting outside on the street for nearly 24 hours, said she was delighted she could finally enter the ceremonial ground.
“I am a bit tried after the long wait, but I did it,” she said.

Published : October 25, 2017

By : Pratch Rujivanarom The Nation