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Pressure mounts on Thammasat to allow cross-dressing for commencements

An online campaign to allow transsexuals at Thammasat University to dress in the uniform of their preferred gender for commencements has nearly reached its targeted support level.

The Alternative Sexes of Thammasat Group posted a petition at Change.orglast month with the goal of gathering 2,500 signatures. As of Monday morning, it had 2,122.
The group said it wants Thammasat University to allow cross-dressing at commencements, as Chulalongkorn University does.
School authorities have rebuffed its direct requests, saying all students must wear the uniform appropriate to their birth gender.
The group points out that female transvestites would be forced to wear male uniforms even if their breasts are evident, as well as wigs in many cases.

Published : November 13, 2017

By : The Nation