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Hot-spring egg breakfasts booming thanks to Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists visiting Thailand in the thousands are making a lesser-known attraction far more popular – boiling eggs in a northern hot spring.

Scores more travellers from China were buying eggs from vendors at the steamy site in Chiang Rai’s Wieng Pa Pao district on Tuesday morning.
Chillier temperatures also encourage tourists to dip their feet in the warm water.
The egg suppliers of Tambon Mae Chedi Yai couldn’t be happier. Business has never been so brisk.
One vendor said she’s lately been selling 300 to 500 eggs a day to tourists, most of them Chinese.
The usual price is Bt20 for a woven basket holding three eggs.
Tourists suspend the baskets in the hot spring for a minute or two if they want their eggs soft-boiled and three minutes for hard-boiled.

Published : November 14, 2017

By : The Nation