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Alleged Cambodian illegal loggers arrested

A timely alert from a security camera enabled officials to arrest three Cambodians while they were entering a national park in Nakhon Ratchasima province late Tuesday night allegedly to cut valuable trees.

Officials monitoring security cameras of the Tublan National Park in Tambon Jorake Hin in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Khon Buri district were alerted by a camera at 12.15am on Wednesday.

Alleged Cambodian illegal loggers arrested
A group of some 30 people were seen carrying bags and walking inside the park. Officials immediately rushed to the spot.
Most of the men fled but three of them, identified as Riew Ri, 20, Setha Chan, 25, and Kae Wuen, 47, were arrested. A chainsaw and a handsaw were seized from them.
The three said they were hired by a Thai man to illegally fell Siamese Rosewood trees in the park. They said they had sneaked across the border on Saturday.

Alleged Cambodian illegal loggers arrested

Published : December 13, 2017

By : The Nation