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Major yaba bust in Lop Buri

A 47-year-old local man was arrested and 1 million “yaba” amphetamine pills seized in Lop Buri’s Muang district early Sunday morning.

Following a police investigation that determined a large batch of narcotics would be transported to a house in Tambon Talung for storage pending distribution, police staked out the area and spotted the suspect, Mana Inyoo, driving an Isuzu pickup truck to the house at 12.30am. 

Major yaba bust in Lop Buri
Officers searched the vehicle and found the illicit drugs. 
Manas was initially charged with conspiring with other suspects to possess methamphetamines with intent to sell. 

Major yaba bust in Lop Buri
Police took him for further interrogation to attempt to identify his accomplices.

Published : April 01, 2018

By : The Nation