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THURSDAY, October 06, 2022
Alert sounded for lone monkey on the prowl

Alert sounded for lone monkey on the prowl

SUNDAY, June 17, 2018

Even as mischievous monkeys are being rounded up and sent to uninhabited islands around Phuket, one monkey has sneaked its way into a residential area.

A monkey was found running around homes in Chalong on Saturday.
Officers of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation stationed at Chalong Municipality were notified at 10am that a monkey was found searching for food around a worker camp in Soi Yod Sanae.
The monkey entered rooms in the camp and searched for food before jumping onto the roof. Local residents gave some fruit to the animal.
Officers have tried to catch the monkey but the fleet-footed simian has outwitted them because of the slippery surface caused by heavy rains. Officers have asked people to inform the police if they spot the monkey.
“But please don’t try to catch it. They can get quite aggressive if cornered,” the warned.