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Gate-blocking pickup owner gets suspended jail term, Bt5,000 fine

The pick-up truck owner whose vehicle made headlines after she blocked the entrance gate to the Bangkok home of two elderly sisters in February prompting an axe-and-shovel attack on the truck, has been sentenced to 15 days in prison and a Bt5,000 fine.

Ratchanikorn Lertwasana, 37, was sentenced to 15 days in prison and a Bt5,000 fine for blocking the gate on February 18, said a lawyer while quoting the Phra Khanong Court verdict on Monday.
As this was Ratchanikorn’s first conviction for an offence that carried a jail sentence, the court judge suspended the time to be served for one year so as to give her a second chance, said lawyer Anantachai Chaidech who represented this lawsuit's plaintiff, the home owner sisters.

As Ratchanikorn had never been convicted to serve an imprisonment before, the court judge suspended the jail term for one year as to give her the second chance
Ratchanikorn was found guilty of two offences – a traffic violation for parking her truck on a public road in a manner that blocked a building entrance (punishable with a maximum Bt500 fine), and a criminal code violation for annoying or causing trouble to other persons before the public (punishable with a maximum one-month imprisonment and/or a maximum Bt1,000 fine).
As the offender should be punished according to the heaviest-punishment offence that she faced, the court ruled that a Bt500 fine imposed by police later in February was insufficient to settle the case. It then imposed the one-year suspended jail term and Bt5,000 fine.
Sisters Maneerat Saengpattarachote, 61, and Rattanachat Saengyoktrakan, 57, are being sued over causing property damage to the pick-up truck blocking their gate. The court session to interview witnesses was slated for March 7, 2019, their lawyer said.


Published : November 26, 2018

By : The Nation