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McDonald’s delivers Drive-Thru specials for New Year

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McDonald’s is celebrating New Year by giving customers Drive-Thru stickers with a variety of promotions throughout 2019, starting with a special price for fresh brew coffee at Bt9 for a hot drink and Bt19 for a cold drink with any purchase from the Drive-Thru from 5am to 11am.

The company is also offering french fries at 50 per cent off every Friday; ice-cream sundae at Bt19 every Sunday; corn pie or pineapple pie for Bt9 from January to April; 50 per cent discount of Chicken McNuggets from May to August; and 50 per cent discount of McCafe beverage including hot, cold or frappe from September to December.
Customers can get the new design of Drive-Thru stickers for free for promotions throughout 2019 at McDonald’s restaurants.

Published : December 07, 2018

By : The Nation