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Phuket beach nearly back to normal after oil-spill clean-up

A beach in Ao Makham is almost back to normal following a big clean-up that was launched on Monday to clear a black oil spill that had polluted 300 metres of shoreline.

Phuket beach nearly back to normal after oil-spill clean-up

The oil spill was located along a beach at Ao Makham in Wichit over the weekend. 
It is believed to be oil released from a large ship.
Navy officers along with hotel staff in the area were helping to clean the beach and remove oil-stained sand. 
Beachgoers and tourists were still enjoying the beach during the clean-up operations, despite a strong smell coming from the oil.
Phuket PR Office reported that the Phuket Marine Office had already filed a report to police in order to identify suspects who may have released the oil. 
Officials said they would face full legal action when identified, as the oil affects the marine environment and tourism.
Further efforts on fishing and tour-boat management are also being considered, in order to prevent waste or oil being released into the sea.


Published : December 18, 2018

By : The Thaiger