Tue, August 09, 2022


Activist petitions Court to cancel Monday’s bus-fare increase, citing stable oil prices

An activist on Friday led a group of Bangkokians to file a petition with the Central Administrative Court seeking an urgent investigation into the scheduled Monday rise of public bus fares following the decision of a land transportation panel.

Srisuwan Chanya and about 30 people from Bangkok and its suburbs also sought the Court’s order to postpone the increase of both Bangkok and inter-provincial buses, pending the Court’s order.
Fares for both Bangkok and inter-provincial buses will be increased on Monday, following a three-month postponement during which a national election took place.
Srisuwan told reporters that the fare increase was not justified given that the oil prices had not gone up.
“If the increase of the fares is allowed to go into effect on Monday, a large number of poor people will be severely affected as they have to pay more for riding on the public buses,” he said.
The group called for the Court to order a review of fares on the public buses as well as cancel the fare increase.
He also called on politicians who had promised to take care of voters in their recent election campaigns to help put pressure on the government to review the decision.

Published : April 19, 2019