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Some 290 houses in Phayao damaged by storm

A thunderstorm hit 84 villages in six districts of Phayao province on Sunday evening, damaging some 290 houses, an official said on Monday.

Korn Mahawongnan, chief of the Phayao Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office, was speaking to reporters after he led a visit by officials to the villages to survey the damage.
He said 290 families – 614 people – were affected by the storm.

Some 290 houses in Phayao damaged by storm
Korn said local administrations in each district had been instructed to provide new roof tiles to the affected families to replace their broken ones as soon as possible.
He added that the house roofs were damaged by hails unleashed by the storm that also brought down several trees, which blocked roads. He said troops, police and local villagers joined forces to clear the roads of the fallen trees on Monday morning.
Santi Sarnrew, chief of the Tambon Mae Sai Administrative Organisation in Muang district, said some 100 houses in his tambon were damaged by the storm. He said his administration had handed out 1,000 roof tiles to the affected villagers on Monday.

Published : April 22, 2019

By : The Nation