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SATURDAY, December 03, 2022
Charges likely following hospital fracas between rival youths after concert brawl

Charges likely following hospital fracas between rival youths after concert brawl

MONDAY, April 29, 2019

Nakhon Ratchasima police expect to file an initial charge of raiding a state property at night against youths who allegedly sought to further brawl with wounded rivals early Monday morning at Prathai Hospital’s emergency ward, following a drunken fist-fight during a belated Songkran concert on Sunday evening.

The hospital, after completing an inspection of property damage, was due to send a representative to file a police complaint on Monday over the charge of raiding a state property (public hospital) at night-time, Nakhon Ratchasima police chief Pol Maj-General Watcharin Boonkhong said. 
As for assault charges related to the concert brawl, none of the youths from either side had yet stepped forward to file a complaint against their rivals, he added.
Some 10 youngsters allegedly raided Prathai Hospital’s emergency ward to further brawl with and assault their wounded rivals at 2am, in complete disregard of the place being a hospital with many innocent patients and medical staff members around. 
When hospital security guards and responding police officers and soldiers arrived to break up the confrontation before it could escalate into a full-blown fight, the assailants fled, Watcharin said.
The provincial police chief said he had assigned Prathai precinct superintendent Pol Colonel Thitinan Wannasarn to locate the brawl-seeking youngsters, who were spotted in CCTV footage and were divided into two groups: local youths and youths from Buri Ram’s Phutthaisong district.
Watcharin said the Phutthaisong group had entered the local youths’ turf to watch a concert for the “Wan Lai” belated Songkran celebration at the Prathai Provincial Electricity Authority Office’s plaza, when they ran into trouble and ended up in a drunken fist-fight with the local youths, resulting in injuries on both sides. 
As the wounded were rushed to Prathai Hospital, both groups met again, started antagonising one another, and almost had another serious brawl in the emergency ward.
This was the second time that such an incident had recently taken place in the northeastern province. 
Earlier in April, a group of youths attacked their wounded rivals at Huai Thalaeng Hospital’s emergency ward following a dispute during a concert.