Tuesday, September 21, 2021


MRT unveils ‘Christmas gift’ for Bangkok commuters

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The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRT), complying with government policy to ease the cost of living, will lower fares on its Purple Line as well as the cost of 30-day advanced tickets starting on December 25.



MRT chairperson Sarawut Songsivilai and MRT governor Pakapong Sirikantaramas announced the decision on Wednesday (November 20).
“Single journeys on the Purple Line will cost less in off-peak periods – weekends, public holidays and 9am to 5pm on workdays,” Sarawut said. “The current fare rate will drop from Bt14-Bt42 to Bt14-Bt20. The initial Bt14 represents the entrance fee, which will increase to Bt17 at the first station and Bt20 for the rest.”
Fares will be halved for children up to 14 years old and 100 centimetres in height and for citizens who are 60 or over. Students 14 to 22 years old will enjoy a 10-per-cent discount.
Also benefiting will be passengers with multi-use fare cards for the Purple and Blue Lines, including the MRT card, MRT Plus, business traveller card and co-business card. They can ask MRT staff to top them up at a discount.
“The prices will be Bt780 for 15 journeys, Bt1,250 for 25, Bt1,920 for 40 and Bt2,350 for 50,” Sarawut said. 
“To take advantage of this, you have to make your first journey within 45 days of topping up and all the rest within 30 days of that.”

Published : November 20, 2019