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Local entrepreneurs look to Japan for tips on local tourism

The Thai Chamber of Commerce, the Department of International trade promotion (DITP), the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce (JCC) recently organised an international seminar on the theme “Local tourism from Japan role model” for Thai entrepreneurs wanting to learn about the country’s successful business model and packaging design.



In his opening address, Kalin Sarasin, the Thai Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, noted that Thailand was a multi-cultural country with a wide variety of the landscapes yet tourists still tended to visit the major centres like Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai. There was thus a need to encourage interest in smaller and less-known destinations and online media was the ideal channel for such promotion. 
However, in addition to online promotion, many local organization need better tourism management and unique packaging that will attract tourists to enjoy what their towns or communities have to offer. 
“We invited the lecturers from Mie province, Japan, to share experiences and example of product improvement using storytelling to lure travellers to visit and revisit,” Kalin said.

Local entrepreneurs look to Japan for tips on local tourism

Published : December 19, 2019

By : The Nation