Sun, December 05, 2021


Dialysis fees, drugs coverage to be extended to include private hospitals

The Comptroller General’s Department plans to extend the coverage of dialysis fees and drugs at private hospitals for government officials and family members with chronic kidney disease starting June 1.
Wilawan Phayanoi, deputy director-general and spokeswoman of the Comptroller General’s Department, said this week that her department had developed a programme to provide treatment fees for government officials and family members with chronic kidney disease who need to use hemodialysis machines at private hospitals.
“Since public hospitals do not have enough of these machines to cover demand, we decided to add private hospitals to the list of available medical institutes for kidney disease patients,” she said, adding that the fees will be paid by a direct disbursement method, meaning patients do not need to pay in advance out of their pocket.
“Currently, 223 private hospitals have joined the programme, which aims to increase convenience for kidney disease patients nationwide,” she said. “Patients can check available hospitals near their homes via mobile application ‘CGD iHealthCare’ under the ‘Specify Disease’ tab and then select ‘Dialysis’”.
“Furthermore, they [government officials and their immediate family members] can also file for disbursement of Erythropoietin drugs charged by the private hospital where they receive dialysis treatment,” added. Wilawan.
The programme will officially kick off on June 1, but private hospitals interested in joining the programme can still submit an application to the Comptroller General’s Department, specifying service hours and the number of hemodialysis machines along with a certificate from the Nephrology Society of Thailand.

Published : February 24, 2020