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Chevrolet: We won’t compensate customers who bought vehicles at full price

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Chevrolet Thailand made it clear today (February 25) that the company will not compensate customers who bought the all new Captiva, its latest SUV, at full price as some of them demanded.



Earlier in the day, a group of customers who bought Chevrolet vehicles at full price submitted a letter to Chevrolet Sales (Thailand) representatives, demanding that the company compensate them after Chevrolet cut the prices of its vehicles by 50 per cent to clear stocks of more than 4,000 vehicles in the country last week.
“Chevrolet Thailand has no policy on compensation in this case since the price-cut promotion took effect from February 18 and was in accordance with the law,” the company announced.
The firm’s after-sales service will continue at Chevrolet service centres nationwide once the brand withdraws from the Thai market at the end of this year.

Published : February 25, 2020