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Covid-19 slows down auto sales in January

The Covid-19 outbreak has hammered prospects for cars in January this year, with sales tumbling by 8.2 per cent year on year.



Toyota Motor Thailand said car sales in January totalled 71,688 units, down 8.2 per cent year on year. Of the total, passenger cars made up 30,331 units, up 0.4 per cent, commercial vehicles including pickup trucks 41,357 units, down 13.6 per cent, one-tonne pickup trucks 30,071 units, down 13.6 per cent.
The declining market was due to concerns about the Covid-19 outbreak, which has affected people’s lives and the country’s economy, especially tourism. 
"We still have to keep our eyes on the market in February. Although many carmakers have promotional activities, negative factors in January are still affecting us continuously, causing consumers to remain cautious about spending and may affect the car market," Toyota said.
The top three for car sales in January were:
Toyota: 20,223 units, down 24.4 per cent, with a market share of 28.2 per cent;
Isuzu: 14,285 units, up 12.4 per cent, with a market share of 19.9 per cent;
Honda: 11,411 units, up 22.8 per cent, with a market share of 15.9 per cent.
Top three for passenger cars were:
Honda: 9,480 units, up 36.9 per cent with a market share of 31.3 per cent;
Toyota: 6,891 units, down 25.9 per cent with a market share of 22.7 per cent;
Nissan: 3,703 units, up 24.6 per cent with a market share of 12.2 per cent.
Top three for pickup truck sales:
Isuzu: 12,911 units, up 17.3 per cent, market share 42.9 per cent;
Toyota: 10,610 units, down 22.0 per cent, market share 35.3 per cent;
Mitsubishi: 2,448 units, down 20.7 per cent, market share 8.1 per cent.
Pickup Passenger Vehicle trucks had total sales of 3,220 units. Toyota led the pack with 1,175 units sold; Mitsubishi was next with 949 units followed by Isuzu 471 units; Ford 429 units; Chevrolet 124 units; and Nissan 72 units.

Published : February 28, 2020

By : The Nation