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Sanitiser gels to be handed to gas station customers

The Energy Ministry is working with private organisations to help alleviate effects of the Covid-19 coronovirus, Minister Sonthirat Sonthijirawong said on Thursday (March 5).

“After a meeting with more than 20 private partners, major oil vendors agreed to organise a campaign giving away hand sanitiser gels for customers at gas stations,” he said. “As for the Energy Ministry, we have prepared three measures to help the general public amid virus concerns.”
The measures are: 1) Propose to the Cabinet a motion to reduce the cost of fuel, LPG and electricity for a specific period to help reduce people’s cost of living. 2) Amend the law to allow the use of ethanol to produce alcohol hand gels, which could solve the product shortage problem. 3) Announce measures to prevent Covid-19 from spreading within agencies under the ministry.

Sanitiser gels to be handed to gas station customers

Meanwhile, PTT president and chief executive officer Charnsilp Trinuchkarn said the company is ready to comply with the Energy Ministry’s measures and is already moving forward with the plan to produce its house-brand hand sanitary gels.
“We have assigned two of our subsidiaries, Thai Oil and IRPC, to handle production of the hand gel under the PTT-owned brand,” he said. “Thai Oil has started the manufacturing process while IRPC is awaiting approval from the Thai Food and Drug Administration and should be able to start soon.”
The first batch of hand gels should be ready for distribution by May-June at PTT gas stations and Amazon coffeeshops nationwide, he added.
“PTT Group is confident that we will overcome this obstacle together, and expect that the effect of Covid-19 will be resolved in a year,” Charnsilp said.

Published : March 06, 2020