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Load 10 times beyond capacity crashed website to register for cash handouts

The website created for registration of those eligible for government cash handouts during the Covid-19 crisis crashed because it was overloaded when it opened, Ratchakit Deachanetirat, assistant to the Prime Minister’s Office chief, said on Sunday (March 29).



The government is offering Bt5,000 per month for three months to those who are affected by the business shutdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak.
Ratchakit said the website www.เราไม่ทิ้งกัhttp://xn--q3c.com/ was capable of registering two million people at a time but 20 million people accessed it within five minutes of the website opening. This exceeded its maximum capacity of 3.48 million per minute, leading to the website crashing.

KTB, the administrator, had to temporarily close the website. Some 9.6 people had registered as of March 29 (6am). They will receive an SMS to show if they had registered properly and if they meet the criteria to receive the handout. The money will be transferred within seven days to their bank account or PromptPay.

He added that fraudsters or opportunists were likely to take advantage of people who had already suffered from the Covid-19 outbreak. At least 44 websites have registered similar addresses to lure personal information. There are also middlemen who target the elderly by claiming to provide easier ways to get the money in exchange for a commission.

He warned that such acts of fraud will face prosecution under the penal code, and the offender shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years, or a fine not exceeding Bt60,000, or both.

Published : March 29, 2020

By : The Nation