Saturday, September 18, 2021


Covid -19 patients told to keep away from their pets

Covid-19 patients should stay away from their pets as cats and dogs are not immune to the virus, says Profesor Porntippa Lekcharoensuk, head of Microbiology and Immunology study at Kasetsart University.



In Beligum, Covid-19 was detected in the feces of a cat which had been passed by its owner who was previously sick for a week. A dog was also found to be infected, but it did not present any symptom.
“However, Covid-19 infection from animal to human has not been reported” she said.
She also advised Covid-19 patients to wear medical masks, when taking care of pets. Moreover, the professor advised owners not to portion out their food to the pets, to prevent virus contamination.
In addition, the pets and their excretion spots should be cleaned regularly.

Published : March 31, 2020