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300 Thais returning from Cambodia to be quarantined

Some 300 Thais will be quarantined when they return from Poipet after the Cambodian government ordered all 125 casinos nationwide to shut down to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

A news source said Sa Kaeo province has opened the Khlong Luk Boundary Post in Aranyaprathet district connecting with Poipet City to facilitate the return of the Thai nationals.

300 Thais returning from Cambodia to be quarantined

The Royal Thai Embassy in Phnom Penh reported that more than 400 Thais had expressed their desire to return home, about 300 of whom were Sa Kaeo locals. “This prompted Sa Kaeo officials to employ strict quarantine measures for Thais returning from Cambodia,” said the source. “Those who pass through the screening checkpoint at Khlong Luk Boundary Post will be transported to quarantine facilities located about 2km from the border and stay there for 14 days.”

300 Thais returning from Cambodia to be quarantined

The quarantine facilities have been set up in schools and hotels, which were ordered to close earlier by the Sa Kaeo governor, the source added.
Sa Kaeo deputy governor Natthachai Namphoonsuksan added that “the province will use extreme measures against those refusing to stay in quarantine, which included one year's imprisonment and Bt100,000 fine.”

Published : April 02, 2020