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Amid Covid-19 don't forget threat from heat stroke in summer, expert warns

Heat stroke is another health hazard about which people should be cautious during the summer besides the Covid-19 threat, Surachai Chokkhanchitchai, Uthaithani Hospital’s director, warned.

In several parts of Thailand, the temperature has reached 40 degrees Celsius and it might lead to a heat stroke, a health condition where the human body's internal temperature regulation is damaged.
An irregularity in the brain will increase body temperature to 40 degrees Celsius and will directly affect the brain and circulation system.
When hit by a heat stroke, the body stops perspiring and turns red. Thirst for water will increase and then nausea will kick in followed by an irregular heartbeat. It might eventually lead to a heart attack, the doctor cautioned.

Published : April 26, 2020

By : The Nation