Thu, August 11, 2022


Govt urged not to forget the disabled in this time of crisis

The visually impaired in Chiang Mai whose livelihoods have been hit by the Covid-19 crisis are calling on the government for subsidy.

Jaran Fankum-ai, president of the association of Thai massage by blind practitioners, said on Monday (May 4) that they have had no income for a month and are unable to cover their rent or daily expenses.

He added that they are often overlooked by local aid organisations and all they can do is wait because they do not know where to go to seek aid.
Parakorn Kamdet, president of Chiang Mai’s association of the blind, said they even need assistance to go receive aid packages or register for the government’s Bt5,000 cash handout.
He said the association can only beg for donations and share the funds among the members, adding that sometimes private organisations offer some help.
This why, he said, the government should pay more attention to people with disabilities because it will take them a long time to recover once the pandemic eases.

Published : May 04, 2020

By : The Nation