Fri, July 01, 2022


Holidays by the sea top favourite among Thais if govt offers special deals

A survey conducted by the Kasikorn Research Centre found that most Thais will prefer going to the beach if the government launches a local tourism stimulus measure.

In order to boost the tourism market in the fallout of Covid-19, the government has launched three packages, namely Kum Lang Jai (Encouragement), Rao Pai Tiew Gun (Let’s Travel Together) and Tiew Pan Suk (Trips to Share Happiness). 
The study found that 47.7 per cent of the respondents believe the packages are good enough to encourage them to travel, and 60.1 per cent said they will definitely travel in the next one to three months once the lockdown is lifted. 
Of the 60.1 per cent planning to travel, 69.3 per cent said they want to head to the beach, 39.1 per cent want to visit the mountains and play in waterfalls, while 13.4 per cent want to go to temples. 
According to Kasikorn Research’s estimates, the government’s stimulus measures will help boost domestic tourism to the tune of Bt41 billion. The centre also predicts 89.5 million to 91.5 million domestic tourists/trips this year, or 45.2 to 46.4 per cent less from last year. Revenue earned from domestic tourism will also be about Bt545 billion to B567 billion, or 47.5 to 49.5 per cent less from last year.

Published : June 24, 2020