Tue, September 28, 2021


Govt finding ways to avoid oversupply of seasonal fruit in domestic market

The Ministry of Commerce is working with the private sector to relieve stocks of seasonal fruits to prevent domestic oversupply, especially longan whose harvesting period begins in June.



“The ministry estimates that total output of longan in the northern region could increase by up to 20 per cent year on year, especially in Chiang Mai and Lamphun,” said Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit on Friday (June 26). “The commerce office in each province will provide subsidy to longan farmers when they sell products domestically at Bt3 per kilogram and Bt5 per kilogram when they export overseas, such as to China and Indonesia, to prevent domestic oversupply.”

Govt finding ways to avoid oversupply of seasonal fruit in domestic market

“The provincial commerce office will also work with the private sector to organise sales promotional activities for farmers of longan and other seasonal fruits to sell their produce directly to consumers instead of through middlemen with no entry fee,” added Jurin. “For example, the Bangkok commerce office has cooperated with MBK Center to organise a fruit sale event on 3,000 square metres of space in front of MBK Center and Siam Square. Interested farmers can contact the office to reserve a selling slot free of charge.
“Furthermore, the ministry will help farmers seek new overseas markets to sell their fruits via online platform, either by directly contacting potential customers or partnering with operators of e-commerce platforms in target countries,” added Jurin.

Published : June 27, 2020