Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Van driver surrenders after face-kicking attack on female lottery seller

A public-van driver caught on video brutally assaulting a female lottery-ticket seller has told police he acted in anger following an argument over the price of her tickets.



The van driver, named only as Montree, surrendered to police at 9pm on Tuesday (June 30) after a clip of him kicking the victim in the face went viral and caused uproar among internet users.

Police interrogated the suspect before letting him go, explaining they would wait for news of the lottery seller’s medical condition before deciding what action to take.
The attack occurred on Monday (June 29) at a public-van stop in Surat Thani, after the driver, 40, told the unnamed lottery seller, 59, that her tickets were too expensive.
He then threatened to tell authorities she was charging too much, and collect a reward. 
The seller told him this was easier said than done.
The driver confessed to becoming enraged and attacking the woman.
A passerby videoed the incident and posted the clip on social media.
Police said that the driver is being charged with assault and faces a fine of up to Bt40,000, imprisoned for up to 2 years, or both.
However, if the seller’s medical condition is not serious, the driver will be fined up to Bt10,000, imprisoned for up to one month, or both, they added.

Published : July 01, 2020