Tue, December 07, 2021


Korn outlines five reasons why new-generation politicians should join his Kla Party

The leader of Kla (bold) Party, Korn Chatikavanij, made an appeal to the new generation to join the newly launched party.

The party was recently accredited by the Election Commission of Thailand after it was officially launched in February.
In a post on his Facebook on Wednesday (July 8), Korn laid out five reasons why new generation politicians should join his party;
“First, by joining Kla Party, you are enabling a new party to build a creative atmosphere in the Thai political landscape.
"Secondly, we allow our members to take part in our five main missions: Creating a new economy for all, building modern agriculture, providing career-focused education, classifying quality of life as a human right, and weaponising soft power.
“Thirdly, all members can participate in party meetings.
"Fourthly, all members can cast primary votes for MP candidates in their areas.
"Lastly, all members can apply to be a candidate for election if they are qualified,” he added.
Former finance minister and Democrat Party ex-MP Korn launched Kla Party on Valentine’s day (February 14) this year amid rumours of an internal row within the Democrat Party. Former Bangkok MP Attawit Suwanpakdee also left the party with him and is now serving as Kla Party’s secretary-general.

Published : July 09, 2020