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Ministry hands out subsidies for children, elderly

The Social Development and Human Security Ministry handed out the Bt600 monthly subsidy to children as well as a monthly allowance for people above the age of 60 on Friday (July 10).

In a Facebook post, Social Development and Human Security Minister Chuti Krairiksh said 1.6 million parents had claimed the subsidy for their children, totalling Bt970.52 million.

“Parents can visit http://csgcheck.dcy.go.th to see if their children are eligible,” he said.

Parents can also get more information by contacting the Department of Children and Youth’s Child Support Grant via (02) 651 6534, (02) 651 6920, (02) 651 6902 and (02) 255 5850-7, extensions 121, 122, 123, 147, 152 or via the ministry’s 1300 hotline.

The ministry has paid a Bt600 allowance to people aged between 60-69, Bt700 to those aged 70-79, Bt800 to those aged 80-89 and Bt1,000 for those above 90 years old.

For more details on the allowance for elderly, contact the Department of Older Persons via (02) 642 4336 or visit http://www.dop.go.th/th.

Published : July 10, 2020

By : The Nation