Wed, May 18, 2022


Egco plans industrial estate at abandoned power plant in Rayong

The Electricity Generating Plc (Egco) aims to develop an area of its power plant in Rayong, which has been closed since 2014, into an industrial estate.

Egco Group's Chairman of the board of directors, Kulit Sombatsiri said this week that the area was also planned to be a smart city in the East Economic Corridor. This idea will give Egco and investors in the future investment privileges.
He added that the new business Egco aimed to invest in this smart industrial estate was about renewable energy.
Danuja Simasathien, senior executive vice president, said the industrial estate project would be allowed to operate, after it passes the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning’s consideration on Environmental Impact Assessment this August.
Danuja explained that Egco will propose to the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand later about its plans. It would take around two years to make the area suitable for investment and construction, he added.
According to the plan, 500 rai of the plant's 600 rai area will be used as an industrial enterprise, while the balance 100 rai will be managed as a green area.
However, the budget to invest in the project has not been finalised.

Published : July 23, 2020