Sat, December 04, 2021


Trucks urged to steer clear of highways during long holiday weekend

The Department of Land Transport is urging truck operators to avoid using highways during the upcoming holidays to prevent traffic congestion and accidents.

Deputy director-general Yongyut Nakdaeng said that as September 4 and 7 were announced as public holidays to compensate for the cancelled Songkran holidays in April, the long weekend would see many people travelling or returning to their homes upcountry.
“The department expects heavy traffic during this period and has asked operators of trucks and product transportation businesses to refrain from using highways to reduce traffic congestion and also lessen the chances of road accidents,” he said.
“Businesses that still need to transport their goods during the long holidays are advised to check the condition of their vehicles, coupling and harness equipment to ensure safety,” Yongyut said.
“All vehicles should be equipped with GPS tracking devices to facilitate timely roadside services in case of vehicle or equipment malfunction to minimise traffic congestion in that area,” he said.
“Drivers must rest adequately before operating their vehicles and try not to exceed driving hours limited by the law. Most importantly, drivers must possess a valid driving licence,” Yongyut said.
“If you witness any reckless or unsafe driving of trucks or public vehicles, please contact the department’s call centre at 1584, Line ID @1584dlt, or e-mail: [email protected] along with details, such as photo evidence and licence plate number,” he added. “Those providing tip-offs will be entitled to 50 per cent of the fine the department receives from the offender.”

Published : September 03, 2020