Mon, September 27, 2021


Krungthai offers new investment opportunities

Krungthai Bank has introduced a new fund that offers both an investment opportunity and health insurance. Krung Thai Happy Health (KTHH) is a mixed fund, with a “fund of funds” strategy.



Under this fund, 30 per cent will be spent on foreign stocks, 30 per cent on Thai stocks, 20 per cent on government debentures of between one and three years, 5 per cent on property funds, 10 per cent on Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and the remaining 5 per cent on gold.
Krungthai said the health insurance rate can be adjusted in line with the six plans it provides. This adjustment will not affect investors’ net asset value (NAV).
Initial investment can be of no less than Bt50,000 and following investments no lower than Bt1,000. KTHH is for those who can bear medium to high risk and can invest in the long term or at least three years or more.
Fees charged include a flat 1.07 per cent per annum and no more than 8.56 per cent per annum upon sale of investment units.
The NAV of KTHH currently stands at around Bt10.05 per unit, and as of August 27, the value of the fund was Bt122.75 million.
According to the fund’s policy, dividends will be paid every quarter.
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Published : September 07, 2020