Saturday, May 15, 2021


Pattaya burglars make off with Bt10 million in cash

Five thieves broke into a luxury house rented by a Chinese tourist in Pattaya at around 9pm on Monday (September 7) and made off with Bt10 million in cash.



Upon learning of the raid, police officers visited the Bt30-million house in Chonburi’s Bang Lamung district to speak to the victim. 
The tourist said five men showed up, put a gun to his head and demanded he open the safe and hand over the cash. 
Though police have already spoken to the victim, the language barrier may make the investigation process slower. 
Footage from security cameras has been retrieved, though police are puzzled as to how the thieves managed to enter and leave the luxury estate without being noticed. 

Published : September 08, 2020

By : The Nation