Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Ministry dismisses as fake news reports of govt lacking money for salaries

The Digital Economy and Society Ministry has warned people against believing or sharing news and Internet posts about the government being able to pay salaries of civil servants for only three more months.



“The ministry’s Anti-Fake News Centre contacted the Fiscal Policy Office at the Ministry of Finance to verify this information and was told it was wrong,” the ministry said. “The Office said the government had earmarked sufficient budget for civil servants’ salaries until the end of each fiscal year. Moreover, currently the Budget Act of 2021 is being considered by Parliament and should be ready soon.”
The Office also assured that the country’s treasury reserves were still strong and able to support the operations and policies of all ministries and departments. “The income from tax collection and other sources in this fiscal year are still within the estimates, so there is no need to worry,” it added.
For more information on the fiscal budget, visit www.fpo.go.th or contact: 02 2739020. To report any fake news, please do so via website www.antifakenewscenter.com.

Published : September 14, 2020