Saturday, September 18, 2021


Anguished trader posts CCTV footage of women defecating at night in Udon Thani market

A trader in Udon Thani province posted videos of women defecating before his stall in a market, saying it was unbearable for him that people visited the market in the night for vomiting or excreting.



Last week, three videos were posted in the Facebook group called "KumphawapiNews". The first two videos showed two women visiting a market at night at different times, and excreting in front of a stall. The last video showed a woman cleaning up the mess.
The video was posted by Mongkol Srivorakul, 49, a stall owner in Kumphawapi Market in Udon Thani. He said on Monday that the videos were recorded by his CCTV camera, and he had chosen footage where their faces were blurred, as it was not his intention to embarrass the women.
He added that there were people who visited the market at night for vomiting, urinating or excreting. And it was left to the traders to clean up the mess.
Mongkol said his aim in posting the videos was to raise awareness in people that this kind of action was not proper, and must not be repeated.

Published : October 06, 2020