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Progressive Movement to field 32 candidates in upcoming PAO elections

Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, former leader of the now-defunct Future Forward Party and co-founder of its incarnation Progressive Movement, told the press on Friday that the movement will field 32 candidates in the upcoming provincial elections.

The Election Commission (EC) announced on Thursday that it will start preparing for the election of Provincial Administrative Office (PAO) chief executives from October 28, and plans to hold the polls either on December 13 or 20.
“Local elections bear importance to the country’s politics because we are essentially selecting representatives to manage a budget of over Bt800 billion under the 2021 Local Administration Act. These chief executives will work even more closely with local communities than members of Parliament have ever done,” he said.

Progressive Movement to field 32 candidates in upcoming PAO elections

“PAOs have been widely slammed for failing to serve people’s needs, while officials have been accused of corruption in relation to several public projects in provinces like Bueng Kan, Phang Nga, Buri Ram and Samut Prakan.
“The Progressive Movement vows to change this and ensure local politicians only serve the people,” he added.
Thanathorn added that Progressive Movement candidates will work on the five core principles of the now-defunct Future Forward Party, namely commitment to democratic values; using policies, not money, to win votes; candidates must in no way be involved in the trafficking of drugs or humans; no sign of corruption; and commitment to ending the central government system through reform.

Progressive Movement to field 32 candidates in upcoming PAO elections

“The last PAO election was in 2012, with only 54 per cent of eligible voters exercising their rights,” Thanathorn said. “I invite Thai people to focus on these upcoming elections to choose the persons who will be responsible for managing the taxes you have paid. There’s no better time than now to start changing the country for the better by starting with your own community.”






Published : October 09, 2020