Sun, May 29, 2022


Move Forward offers guidelines on dealing with political unrest

The Move Forward Party is offering the government a list of steps it can take to tackle the ongoing political unrest, including removing the state of emergency and having the prime minister resign.

The party said the decision to use violence against unarmed protesters violated international regulations and putting the capital under “severe” state of emergency threatened the general public.

It added that instead the government should be focusing on reviving the crippled economy.

Move Forward said the following steps should be taken to stop further damages to society and economy:

• Prime Minister General Chan-o-cha must lift the state of emergency and release innocent people who were arrested.

• He must resign from the position of prime minister.

• A new prime minister must be elected without the influence of senators.

• Parliament must hold an extraordinary session to consider charter amendments, including the establishment of a Constitution Drafting Assembly elected by the people, removing senators’ influence in electing a prime minister and legal reforms that reflect the true demands of the people.

Published : October 20, 2020

By : The Nation