Sun, May 29, 2022


Plastered passenger decides her cabbie ‘deserves to die’

A drunk woman tried to strangle a taxi driver with her bag’s strap, which led to a scuffle and landed them both in a canal in Nonthaburi.

Police arrived at the scene to find the inebriated woman being held back by bystanders.

Cabbie Prasit Phoekaeo, 52, said he had been asked by a police officer to drive Kanokwan, 40, to her home in Pathum Thani.

During the ride, the woman suddenly yelled, “You deserve to die!”, before trying to strangle him with her bag’s strap from behind. That’s when the scuffle broke out.

When the cabbie started feeling faint, he decided to drive into the canal. Good Samaritans then showed up to pull Prasit and Kanokwan out of the car.

She tried to attack the cabbie again but was stopped by bystanders.

Police have arrested the woman and are waiting for her to regain her senses so she can be interrogated.

Published : October 21, 2020

By : The Nation