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Mild skirmish as group of royalists gather outside Government Complex

Rianthong Nanna, the director of Mongkutwattana Hospital and a royalist leader, led other royalists on Thursday to assemble before Government Complex in Bangkok.

The royalists sang the national anthem, as well as royal celebration songs, before dispersing.
During their gathering, a man showed a sign that incensed the royalists there. A scuffle erupted before police officers took the man away from the group.

Photo by Korbphuk Phromrekha
On Wednesday, a group of royalists and student protesters clashed during a pro-democracy rally at the university. Some students were injured when some members of a yellow-shirt group threw a big speaker at them.
Police said on Thursday that so far they have not been able to identify the offenders, and would be summoning the injured persons to point out the attackers.

Photo by Korbphuk Phromrekha

Published : October 23, 2020