Friday, September 17, 2021


Buri Ram couple caught in overheated quarrel over child custody

A Buri Ram couple was summoned by Nang Rong district police on Thursday to explain why they were fighting and hitting each other on the street.



The quarrel was recorded by students from a military school, who tried to intervene but claimed the man threatened them with a gun before fleeing with his partner on a motorbike.

During interrogation, the couple told police that they were fighting because the woman had left their three-year-old child with her mother, and did not want to give the child’s father any access to the baby.

As for the gun, the man said he waved an object at the students, who may have thought it was a gun.

After initial interrogation, police decided to hit them with a Bt100 penalty before allowing them to leave. The couple also apologised for their behaviour.

Published : November 05, 2020

By : The Nation