Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Chaiyaphum livestock cordoned off for 30 days to prevent spread of disease

Hand, foot and mouth disease, also known as hoof-and-mouth disease, has been found among livestock in Chaiyaphum province, prompting the Department of Livestock Development to ban the transportation of animals for 30 days.



On Tuesday, a cow was found dead from the disease in the province, forcing the area to be cordoned off while other animals are being vaccinated to control the infection.

Srisamai Chotivanich, the department’s provincial chief, said cattle will be vaccinated for hoof-and-mouth disease as well as for haemorrhagic septicemia.

She also warned farmers to move their livestock to dry areas to prevent further spread of the infection, which can last longer in low temperatures.

Infected animals are usually listless, with no appetite and develop sores in the mouth and feet. They often become weak and succumb to other infections.

Published : November 06, 2020

By : The Nation