Wednesday, June 16, 2021


Over 200 Thai labourers heading to Israel for agricultural work

Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin on Thursday bid farewell to 206 Thai labourers who are travelling to Israel from Suvarnabhumi Airport for agricultural work.



The labourers are heading to the Middle East country under the Thailand-Israel Cooperation on the Placement of Workers (TIC) programme, one of the government’s plans to encourage Thais to head to foreign countries for work. The Thais are expected to receive salaries of Bt48,000.

The project in Israel began in 2012, and 5,000 labourers have been sent to that country each year since. As of February 2020, precisely 40,082 Thai labourers have been working in Israel, generating Bt54.58 billion in income.

“Thai workers have been allowed to join the TIC due to effective management of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Israeli government requires 2,000 workers in the agricultural field,” Suchart pointed out.

He said this number would be met by January 2021 and all workers would receive training before leaving. They will also be protected under the law.

The next round of TIC registrations will be held from November 23 to 27.

Published : November 12, 2020

By : The Nation