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Bad Medical Students’ call for reform in hospitals

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Calls for education reform spread to the world of medicine on Monday, when medical students and doctors turned “#BadMedicalStudent” (#นักเรียนแพทย์เลว) into a top-trending hashtag.

The phenomenon followed a Facebook post on Sunday by Dr Manoch Chockjamsai, a lecturer at Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Medicine. “I want to hear the voice of ‘bad medical students’, saying what the faculty does not want to hear,” stated Dr Manoch, in a post plainly inspired by the “Bad Student” group’s call for education reform.
By Monday, Manoch’s post had been shared more than 4,100 times and attracted over 700 comments. Most complained of authoritarianism under the rigid staff hierarchy in hospitals. Another frequent complaint was the amount of overtime that doctors and trainee medics must work.
Manoch’s post came a day after Bad Student supporters rallied in Bangkok to demand changes to the education system – their contribution to the nationwide pro-democracy movement.
Netizens proposed that others could expose rottenness in their own professions by posting under hashtags like “#bad teacher” or “#bad civil servant”.

Published : November 23, 2020