Monday, September 20, 2021


Shooting at rally site ‘will not weaken battle for democracy’

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The “Gear of Red Thonburi”, the security outfit of the Ratsadon group, announced on Wednesday night that the violence at the rally site will not weaken their resolve in the battle for democracy.



Pro-democracy protesters gathered outside the Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) headquarters on Ratchayothin Road on Wednesday afternoon, until 9.17pm, when protest leaders called on the crowd to disperse.
At around 10.10pm, while many protesters were still at the site, an explosion was heard followed by four to five gunshots.
The explosion sound reportedly came from the McDonalds outlet in the SCB compound.
The security outfit reported on Twitter that one of the guards had been shot in the abdomen and was rushed to Rama IX Hospital, while the suspected shooter was also critically injured and sent to St Louis Hospital.
As of press time, the first one was reportedly in a safe condition after nearly three hours of surgery.
The Gear of Red Thonburi said in a Facebook post that “evidence shows that persons with malicious intent had disguised themselves as vocational students before creating a dangerous scene”.
The group said it will continue fighting peacefully for democracy, and demanded that those responsible for the violence should take responsibility.

Published : November 26, 2020